This 3 Hour Tour Covers:

-The Old Church
- The Jewish Quarter
- Royal Palace
- The New Church
- The National Monument
- Dutch East Indies Company
- Anne Frank
- The Red Light District
- World Heritage Listed Canals

Group size max. 8 people.
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Meeting point:

Rembrandtplein in front of the Rembrandt statue

Start time:
1100 hrs. (tour duration 3 hours)

Adults € 25,-
Students € 15,-

The Old City Centre: an introduction to Amsterdam

Why is Amsterdam so liberal?
Why do the buildings lean all over the place?
Why are the Dutch famous for tulips?

The tour is a story of the city's history. From a small fishing village in 13th century to the modern day as one of the world's most liberal and cosmopolitan cities. This three hour tour takes you away from the tourists through the complicated narrow streets of one of Europe's most intact historic city centers and helps you get you bearings.

Understand how Amsterdam entered its Golden Age in the 17th Century creating the world famous Canal Rings. When the city was the center for world trade and finance and a beckon of Enlightenment thinking. Realise the tragedy of Nazi occupation in the WWII and the story of Anne Frank. Learn about Amsterdam's wonderful architecture and the practicality of Dutch design. Stroll through the famous Red Light District and Amsterdam's World Heritage Listed Canals.

This easy to walk tour through Amsterdam, with a typical Dutch coffee break, is an essential introduction for anyone that wants to get the most out of their time in one of Europe's great capitals.